First Steps With S-PAY

This step by step guide shows the first steps starting with registration until the first own transaction in S-PAY.

First Steps with S-PAY.pdf V-1.00 from 07/17/2015

You will need a PDF Reader to open the document!



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Whats the Currency i can hold my Account in?

While you open an Account you can choose between Dollar, Euro, Gold and Bitcoin.

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TAN via e-Mail/SMS

To set the Rank of your own Security at a high Level you are able to define if you want to get a TAN (TransActionNumber) sent to your Email Adress or via SMS to a Cell-Phone (SMS is not implemented yet)! You can manage this Option for every Account you hold separately. Deactivating this is just able via our Support Staff!

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Whats the Super-PIN?

If you add a new Account in your Customer Area you will be displayed an 12 Signs long Super-PIN only one Time! You need to know this Code to do Transactions from the determined Account.

All Changes in personal Details for this Account are just able to be changed if you know and enter this Super-PIN! Make sure you store this PIN on a safe Place because this is one of the Keys to your Account!

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Whats up with the „Secret Question“ ?

If for any Reason you need to edit your personal Details its necessary that you can identify yourself while contacting our Support Staff!

Next to other Details they will also ask for the Answer of your Secret Question.

If you are not able to give us this Answer no Details will be changed and an Information-Mail will be sent to the registered Email-Adress!

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How can i open a Customer Account at your Service?

Before you open an Account itself you need to become a Customer of S-Pay! To do so simply click on „REGISTER ACCOUNT“. Fill out the necessary Fields with Care! After you finished your Registration you will get an Email including your Customer ID and a Login-PIN. For security Reasons you should change your Login-PIN immediately after your first Login (Personal Details – Security – Passwords and PIN) In your Customers Area you are now able to add new currency accounts.

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How do I open a payment account?

After you successfully logged in into your back-office click “Accounts” and choose “New Account”.

Now select the account that fits your needs:

  • Named Account: Transactions will contain your name which is readable by the recipient.
  • Numbered Account: The recipient will not see any personal details of you.

Now simply enter the description you want to use for your personal reference.

If you decide to receive TANs (TransAction Numbers) in your eMail account select the proper check box.

Select the currency your new account should be held in. You are able to choose from Euro, Dollar, Gold and Bitcoin.

After doing those steps simply click on “Create new account”.

On the followed page you will see your new account number and the dedicated Super-Pin which consists of 12 signs. Please make sure you secure the Super-Pin at a safe place and click “I safed my Super-Pin”. After this step a button will be shown to activate the newly created account. Click it!

Your account is now activated and ready to be used immediately.

You can add as many accounts as you like and need in several currencies.

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