How am I able to deposit and withdraw Bitcoins into and out of my account?

The requirement to work with Bitcoin is that you hold an activated Bitcoin-account in our S-Pay system. (Details on how to open accounts can be found here)


To transfer Bitcoins into your S-Pay Bitcoin-account you need to visit the link called “Bitcoin” in your online banking back-office menu tree. To deposit Bitcoins simply click on “BTC => S-pay”. On the now displayed website you choose the Bitcoin account in case you have more than one account held in S-Pay!

Enter the Bitcoin amount you want to transfer to S-Pay. Directly under the input field you will now see the required amount including any fees you need to transfer from your own Bitcoin wallet into the S-Pay Bitcoin account so that you will receive the amount of your choice directly in S-Pay.

Now simply click on “Start Transfer”. Our system will then show you the Bitcoin address you need to transfer the desired amount to within a time-frame of 1 hour. Please be advised that the displayed address is only valid for this unique transaction and will become invalid after 1 hour!


To withdraw Bitcoins from your S-Pay Bitcoin-account to your very own (local) wallet simply click on “S-Pay => BTC” in your back-office menu tree.

On the displayed website please choose the S-Pay Bitcoin-account you want to withdraw from. In the next row you enter the Bitcoin address of your desired wallet where you want to receive those Bitcoins into. Optionally you can enter a short note for this transfer in the next line.

In the amount field you need to enter an amount you want to transfer. Thereby you are able to insert amounts directly in Bitcoin or you are even able to insert amounts in Euro, Dollar or Gold. Actual exchange rates will be fetched in real-time from BTC-E which is a huge Bitcoin exchange. Gold-rates will be updated on a daily basis to meet the “Fixing” value of London.

If you entered all correctly you can now click on “save”. On the next page you are able to review your transaction if all details are the right ones. If so you are now ready to enter your personal Super-Pin (if you use Secure-TAN a valid TAN will be generated at this point) and finally click on “save”. Your transaction will now be done directly and you are able to do a next one if you wish.

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