First Steps With S-PAY

This step by step guide shows the first steps starting with registration until the first own transaction in S-PAY.

First Steps with S-PAY.pdf V-1.00 from 07/17/2015

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The System is closing my Session from Time to Time. Why?

For more Security our OnlineBanking is working with several unique Keys which will be changed after every Choice you make in the Menu Structure!

If you are logged in you are not allowed to use navigational Buttons in your Browser.

A Click on Refresh, Forward or Back will close your actual Session.

Also if a Site is not loaded completely and you clicked on another Link at the Menu your Session will be closed. Please wait while the Site you would like to view is fully loaded!

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Why is there a Code next to the Logout Button?

The System will log you out automatically after 30 Minutes of no Activity. If there is Activity this Countdown will be restarted.

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What are „One-Time-Passwords“?

At your internal backoffice you are able to enter 3 One-Time-Passwords to login to your customers area from a not secured place (in example while you visit an Internet-Cafe)

After using it the determined password will be deleted and can not be used further.

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Whats the Welcome Message?

While your Login but before you need to enter your Password you will get your personal Welcome Message displayed. If this Message is NOT the one you entered you are on a Phishing Page!

If so stop further Transactions immediately, do not enter your Password and please contact the Support Staff via the Ticket System.

If you already entered your Details please use the Emergency Lock you find here: Block Account

Emergency Block

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Why is the Login Procedure such complicated?

S-Pay is using a More-Step Login System to avoid that your Account will be watched from third Party People using automatic Login Scripts!

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Whats the „Restricted Access“?

You are able to define Passwords which will lead to a restricted Access Area at your Onlinebanking Account. What does this mean? Look here:

Stage 1: View of Account Balances only

Stage 2: View of Account Balances and Statements

Stage 3: Full Access

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