The System is closing my Session from Time to Time. Why?

For more Security our OnlineBanking is working with several unique Keys which will be changed after every Choice you make in the Menu Structure!

If you are logged in you are not allowed to use navigational Buttons in your Browser.

A Click on Refresh, Forward or Back will close your actual Session.

Also if a Site is not loaded completely and you clicked on another Link at the Menu your Session will be closed. Please wait while the Site you would like to view is fully loaded!

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TAN via e-Mail/SMS

To set the Rank of your own Security at a high Level you are able to define if you want to get a TAN (TransActionNumber) sent to your Email Adress or via SMS to a Cell-Phone (SMS is not implemented yet)! You can manage this Option for every Account you hold separately. Deactivating this is just able via our Support Staff!

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Whats the Super-PIN?

If you add a new Account in your Customer Area you will be displayed an 12 Signs long Super-PIN only one Time! You need to know this Code to do Transactions from the determined Account.

All Changes in personal Details for this Account are just able to be changed if you know and enter this Super-PIN! Make sure you store this PIN on a safe Place because this is one of the Keys to your Account!

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Why is there a Code next to the Logout Button?

The System will log you out automatically after 30 Minutes of no Activity. If there is Activity this Countdown will be restarted.

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What are „One-Time-Passwords“?

At your internal backoffice you are able to enter 3 One-Time-Passwords to login to your customers area from a not secured place (in example while you visit an Internet-Cafe)

After using it the determined password will be deleted and can not be used further.

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Whats up with the „Secret Question“ ?

If for any Reason you need to edit your personal Details its necessary that you can identify yourself while contacting our Support Staff!

Next to other Details they will also ask for the Answer of your Secret Question.

If you are not able to give us this Answer no Details will be changed and an Information-Mail will be sent to the registered Email-Adress!

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What is important regarding Mails i get from S-Pay?

The S-Pay Administration or its Staff will never contact you to ask for Passwords, PINS or private Keys for the Secure Tan System! Also we will not send any Mails which contain Links to Websites! If you received such an e-mail please forward it to S-Pay Scamalert and we will warn all Customers which use our Service!

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Whats the Welcome Message?

While your Login but before you need to enter your Password you will get your personal Welcome Message displayed. If this Message is NOT the one you entered you are on a Phishing Page!

If so stop further Transactions immediately, do not enter your Password and please contact the Support Staff via the Ticket System.

If you already entered your Details please use the Emergency Lock you find here: Block Account

Emergency Block

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Are my personal Details secure?

S-Pay is offering the most possible Security for your personal Details. All Informations will be saved differenced from your Account Details on different Servers. Those Details are encrypted and will be stored on encrypted Partitions too! Our Server-Infrastructure is developed in such a Way that no third Party who will login is able to combine Account Details and your personal Details!

If there is a Crash in one Datacenter we also hold redundant Systems to make sure you will always be able to reach your Account to manage your financial Transactions!

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What is the RBH Secure-TAN System?

With our worldwide unique Secure-TAN System we developed a new Level of Online-Banking-Security! A detailed Tutorial can be found here: RBH Secure-TAN Documentation

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Whats the „Restricted Access“?

You are able to define Passwords which will lead to a restricted Access Area at your Onlinebanking Account. What does this mean? Look here:

Stage 1: View of Account Balances only

Stage 2: View of Account Balances and Statements

Stage 3: Full Access

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