Of S-PAY – Your Safe Payment Provider!

Here you are able to browser all investment products offered by several partners and validated through S-PAY. An overview of all products is displayed in our S-PAY banking system. In example you are able to browser the wealth development from Viventus investment accounts or follow Viventus gold spots and saving accounts anytime. Deposits into the several investment products are able anytime by using the S-PAY system where it will be handled offshore.

For all investment accounts hold in Gold (Aurum) our partners offer the possibility to either store your physical Gold amounts amounts in anonymous collective depots or if you prefer in a separate depot which will be handled under your name (non-anonymously). If you are looking for an opportunity to safely store your wealth and restrict it against third party access the gold accounts held at S-PAY should be the one of your choice!

With our S-PAY trust we are able to offer an investment opportunity which will pay a monthly interest of about 1,5%. The capital will be used to extend the S-PAY infrastructure i.e. if external exchanging services need to be financed for S-PAY. Also in future there will be the opportunity of community-driven micro loans for S-PAY clients.