S-Pay – The offshore control over your gold spots.

“The One Who Owns Gold Has Always Money” (Alan Greenspan – Ex-President of the Federal Reserve Bank

The possibility to work against federal expropriation is a gold spot at S-PAY including physical duty-free storage in Switzerland or other countries. Only that way you can free yourself from a sneaky expropriation from the EU and can build a fortune pledge safely.

Advantages of a gold spot at S-PAY:
  • transparent spot overview
  • secure and insured storage at a duty free place
  • duty and VAT free
  • fast availability and repurchase option on demand
  • rearrangements without any problems on demand

Our gold spots also offers the unique opportunity to our clients to change the gold into the S-Pay internal currencies without risk and questioning. This was realized with our partners.

Gold – the best way to save and an important component to your wealth building!
  • Many experts refer to gold to be a part of a solid wealth building portfolio. With our spots / accounts we offer a unique, matchless and cheap opportunity to invest in gold.
  • Gold is also an instrument for a good diversification of your whole investment through purchases and storage of physical gold at an established and licensed location in Switzerland, in example at “ViaMat”!
  • With our gold accounts we offer the possibility to purchase gold and save into your spots with returning or single purchases.
  • Our clients own an unrestricted property right about the gold purchased from us.
  • Decide for yourself if you want to store your gold in our spots or if you prefer to get it shipped directly to you. The duty-free anonymous storage is possible with no weight limit.
  • A worlwide direct shipping to your physical location is available with a minimum of 500 grams. We manage the shipping directly to your desired address with an insured parcel service at your cost.
Conditions for purchases in overview:
1g Daily price
up to 20 g   Daily price
up to 100g Daily price
up to 500g Daily price
from 1000g 
Daily price


As the gold price has high fluctuations and is related to general regulations we reserve the right to update price and shipping conditions from time to time. You will be informed via newsletter.

If you want to receive more information you are welcome to contact us anytime through our HelpDesk. Please choose “Gold Trading” as help topic.