S-PAY Investment Accounts

powered by SFE Finance Experts Ltd.

In cooperation with S-PAY the SFE Finance Experts Ltd. developed an online service as a clever alternative to saving books or fixed term deposit accounts especially for customers of S-PAY.

We call this product: S-PAY Investment Accounts powered by SFE“

In times of shrinking interest rates, unsecured retirements and fixed term deposit accounts with only small interest payments it is necessary to secure yourself a solid and sustainable alternative with calculable and appropriate rates for borrowing your money.

You just found this alternate opportunity with our  S-PAY Investment Accounts powered by SFE“.

Profit now from this interesting SFE bonuses and make yourself an experience that saving can be profitable again!

This online offer is just a small part of the whole SFE investment line-up but shows an optimal addition for long term investors and young families.

You are able to easily open an investment account by visiting your online banking back-office. Deposits can be done without problems using your S-PAY EUR account.