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Gold Deluxe – Gold – Silver – Platinum – Gems from Switzerland

Attractive pricing for gold, silver, platinum and gems. Purchase bullions and coins online or get them directly located in Germany, Austria and Switzerland over the counter. Individual sizes and designs of bullions are possible. Delivery of all goods through authorized logistic partners only. Those are certified for security transports. Also you are able to let us store the goods for you (duty free storage, collective storage, precious metal accounts, directly in refinery or at a private bank in Switzerland) Old gold acquisition Golddeluxe.ch

SkygateGames hosts and operates computer sports tournaments (so called Csport) offering nostalgic skill games. Easily to learn for anybody as a challenge for young and older players. Exciting battles against players from all around the world can be watched live at the website. It's about money, honor and fame! skygategames.com

The Royal Petroleum and Gas Company

EXXACON Petroleum Ltd. The Royal Petroleum and Gas Company is an independent oil & gas Trading Company with a balanced portfolio of Global Competences in Petroleum product and commodity trading Worldwide. As a direct and indirect mandate for buyers and producers, seller even distributors of Petroleum and secondary products as well as raw materials or additives, components and for the production of   End- products. Development of projects in Infrastructure, Offshore Infrastructure Oil & Gas (Offshore & Onshore), Infrastructure (Power Plants, Mining, Ports and Roads) Rail Infrastructure (Metro, Rail Communications & Scada), Automations (Process Control and Safety), Telecommunications (Mobile Network and MW network).