Security Warning

We would like to draw your attention to scam e-mails and fake websites designed by fraudsters requesting customers to update their account information by clicking on fake internet banking links.

These e-mails also request customers to provide sensitive information about their accounts as well as personal identification numbers (PIN).

Should you receive an e-mail requesting this type of information DO NOT RESPOND!

If you receive or have received such mails please ignore them. S-PAY will not send out these types of e-mails to you.

However, if you have already responded to one of this e-mails and possibly provided any confidential account information, please notify us immediately by emailing us at scamalert(at)

Always access our Payment Service only through our website: and look out for the secure gold padlock icon on the right corner of the address bar verifying the authenticity of the website. Make sure there is an s behind in httpS. This stands for secure internet connection.

Please DO NOT supply user ID, Login-PIN and password to any other website requesting you to do so.

Please remember that your account user ID, Login-PIN and password are confidential and should not be disclosed to anyone!

If you need to write down your PIN, ID or password to remember them, make sure you keep the note in a safe place, out of reach of others.

Exercise great care when using your creditcards or accessing internet banking in public places. Do not ask for assistance from strangers and ensure no one is looking over your shoulder while you type in your password and PIN.

In general we recommend only using internet banking options on safe computers at private locations, as well making sure the computer has an updated antivirus program as well as an installed firewall.