You have fun using the internet and think S-PAY is the system which fulfills your needs in all ways? And you want to generate a passive online  income consisting of commissions?

Then the S-PAY Referral-System is the one of your choice!

With our 4 levels of referrals we offer you one of the most lucrative passive online earning opportunity within all existing online payment systems. And its equal if you hold an private or an corporate account with us!

Definition of the 4 level referral system

S-PAY offers a highly valued referral system which pays you commissions 4 levels deep.


You – An S-Pay account holder where its equal if private or corporate account.
Level 1 – A customer which you directly referred to S-Pay.
Level 2 – A customer which was referred to S-Pay by a level 1 customer.
Level 3 – A customer which was referred by a level 2 customer.
Level 4 – A customer which was referred by a level 3 customer.

Its not important if you are a private or a corporate customer: everybody is welcome to participate!

Rates of commissions

The table down under shows how you as the “referrer” will profit from the transactions done by your referrals.

Your Referrals

Referrals Level 1

Referrals Level 2

Referrals Level 3

Referrals Level 4

Transaction-fees of the customers

4% of every transaction fee generated by the customer

4% of every transaction fee generated by the customer

4% of every transaction fee generated by the customer

8% of every transaction fee generated by the customer


Please make sure you understand that we only can calculate commissions on transactions where we also profit from the transaction itself. Therefore transactions with zero fees will not pay any commissions. In other words you can say that the commission-able amounts will be deducted from the transaction fee and will be shared with our customers. Handling the whole process this way will make sure we are always able to pay your earned commissions without any lack of funds or time!

Calculation of possible commissions
A short example

That you will have a quick overview how it works we just want to show you a short example:

Transactions between 2 customers

Lets say that your referrals over all 4 levels make a transaction 500 EUR each. For all of this transactions the maximum fee of 3.99 EUR will be calculated.

For level 1 – 3 you will receive a commission of 4% which will be 0.16 EUR each.

Level 4 will be calculated with 8% therefore this level will generate 0.32 EUR in commission-able values.

All commissions will be credited in real-time to the account you used to generate your referral links you want to use to refer new customers.

We implemented the double amount of commissions in the 4th level because in according to our experience this is the level where you will have the most referrals. Just do a calculation by yourself what will happen when you and every of your referred customers will generate just 5 new sign ups to S-Pay. In the 4th level you will then have attracted 625 referrals from which you will earn 8% of every transaction fee they generate – recurring commissions!

You will see that S-Pay offers one of the most attractive affiliate programs online at this time!

How to create your affiliate-links

By visiting your personal online-banking back-office you will find a link to “Ref.-ID” in your “Personal Setting” area. There you are able to create affiliate-links for every internal account you hold with us. To this account the commissions will be paid. You are welcome to use those links to send them via email or however you want to attract new customers to S-Pay!

You are able to either lead the potential new customers to our portal page or to our sign up page directly. Which one you choose – its up to you! The only thing which needs your attention is the handling of the language you want to use for your links:

Portal Page:



Banking/Sign-Up Page:



Graphical Advertisements, Payment-Buttons and Banners

To use a direct inclusion of any graphical material you will find graphics to fit your needs and which you are free to use here. If you want to link to those graphics (in example in banner exchanges) you are welcome to use this address

You just need to change “NAME OF GRAPHIC” to the name of the graphic you want to use.

If you are not a professional regarding the right usage of HTML for linking to banners you should Google for a”Banner -Code-Generator” or similar. There you just need to enter the details of your choice and the right code will be generated.



How and where to advertise your personal invitation links

To maximize your commissions we refer you to advertise your personal links to online-shops and other projects with a high amounts of possible transactions.

Forums, blogs, social networks and mailing-lists – all over the internet there are nearly unlimited amounts of communities of all thinkable fields of interests. You only need to inform those projects about us and make them interested in our service. We do not allow SPAM of any kind! If you are using email advertising make sure the recipient agreed to receive information on that field of interests!

Whom to tell about S-pay

The amount of potential customers of S-Pay is nearly unlimited. Some examples and advantages:

  • Online-Shops: S-PAY offers non-returnable anonymous payments. Using our SCI and API partners are able to completely automate any payment procedures. And one of the most important facts: S-Pay is available worldwide without any geographically borders!
  • Collective Payments: We are suited perfectly for any project which needs recurring payments for even whole groups of recipients.
  • Financial Services: Forex-, stock- and securities- trading, network- and multilevel-marketing (MLM), high yield investment programs (HYIPS) – our service makes anonymous and non-recurring payments possible with the most security you will have and minimal fees only!
  • Spot-Management: S-PAY offer all customers all around the world the possibility to store Gold anonymously. This is an incredible service for all who want to have savings for a rainy day with the full security against access from third parties.
  • Adult-Content and Online-Casinos: S-PAY also accepts adult related websites/projects and online casino services. S-Pay therefore offers an anonymous payment solution.

And this list of advantages can be continued in an unlimited way!

Start to refer new customers now!

To get started right away you need to follow these simple steps:

  • If you are not a customer of S-Pay until now you need to sign up here. After the registration log in to your back-office and add dedicated accounts in the currency you wish by visiting “Accounts” → “New Account”.
  • Visit “Personal Settings” → “Ref.-ID” to generate your personal affiliate-link which you are welcome to use for email advertising, inclusion in your e-commerce application or any other method you want to use to attract new customers to S-Pay.
  • Every time someone registers as a new customer via your affiliate link or uses a generated banner from your link  where a transaction is generated you will receive a commission.


If you think that you successfully referred a new customer who created a new account with S-Pay but he/she does not show up in your referred customers overview do not hesitate to contact us and we will move the new customer to your down-line. The only requirement is that the new account was just registered and was not enrolled with an affiliate-link from another S-Pay user!

Offers for several fields of businesses

If you businesses is related to be an exchanging service and you have quite well experience in the e-commerce scene your are able to become a certified exchanger in S-Pay and also qualify to take part in the very attractive possibility to use our affiliate system and earn commissions.

If you want to become a certified exchanger do not wait to contact us!


We offer perfect solutions for online companies. We are willing to offer you the best conditions and terms and also a high quality service. Next to our secure payment solutions you are also able to take part in our highly valued affiliate system to attract new customers as shown above.

Every new customer who does a first transaction over an affiliate-link which belongs to you will be in your down-line (if he was not referred from another affiliate before)

If you want to offer S-Pay as a payment solution do not wait to contact us!

Developers of e-commerce systems

If you develop e-commerce solutions in any language used to program software and websites you are able to easily create and activate a module for payment transactions and you will be able to include your affiliate-link too! That is your chance to generate a recurring income!

As the users of e-commerce systems generate more sales and transactions as normal internet users you will be able to secure your chance of very high commissions.

Do not wait to contact us if you want to use our highly featured affiliate system!