S-Pay Precautionary Security Measurements

Our and for sure your security is a very important component of our business. That’s why the RBH has done many steps to make sure that the S-Pay online payment system will be one of the most secure one available on the world wide web!

At these sites we want to show you informations for general security and special what the RBH developed for its customers and merchants!

Onlinebanking-Security -

Where every component counts and YOU too!

These times the Internet brings us all very comfortable ways to manage banking related actions directly online to save a huge amount of time. But as you know, whenever there is something well working the opposite comes up. This opposite contains fraudulent people and hackers which try to use accounts of honest and loyal customers and merchants to their own fraudulent usages.

Many users have concerns about the security of their online-banking – unerstandable because its their money!

Thats why we took the part to show you some very useful hints to reduce the risk while using your S-Pay for your payment needs!

At the menu above you find hints what you should consider using any online-banking accounts and we also speak about virus scanners which are able to protect you and your money!

For sure many of the hints sound quite natural but as the practical daily workflow shows many users don't use their banking accounts responsible enough!