Programming-related Measurements of the Banking Application:

  • Multi-Staged Login

    The whole login action to your onlinebanking backoffice is divided into several steps.To login you need your personal customer account number, a login-PIN and your password.
    The login-pin is required to be entered via the simulated keyboard on-site which you use with your mouse. Optional you can activate the same for your password – but we refer to use it!
    Before you enter your password you will see a personal welcome message you set up while applying to use our online-banking. That way you can always proof yourself that you are on the real RBH banking website. Fake- and phishing websites will never know your personal welcome message so they will never display the right one.

  • One-Time Passwords

    If you are using your RBH account at a non-trustworthy place, in example a public bar or hotel, you are able to use passwords which are able to be used only 1 time! After this they will not work again! So, if anybody captures your password he cannot use it in future as it’s simply not valid anymore!

  • Access Limitations

    If you need to have more than 1 person (you) accessing your account you are able to restrict the functions by entering a password. If the second person does not have the password he is not able to use the features you don't want him to use!

  • Super-PIN

    To every account we deliver a so called SUPER-PIN which you will need for transactions or changing your personal details.

  • TAN via Mail or SMS

    If you decide not to use the Secure-TAN feature we offer you are also able to use mTAN. As soon as you need a valid TAN to do transactions you will receive it in your email account or your cellphone as a short message. Those TANs are only valid for the next 10 minutes so that you are secured too in the case of a loss of your cellphone. Additionally you need to enter the Super-PIN!

  • RBH Secure-TAN

    With the Secure-TAN feature the RBH is offering a very effective self-developed and unique one to get the most security for your online-banking accounts you hold with us! After the customer activated this function there are no transactions possible if you do not have access to the secure tan software. As those TANs are not delivered via internet you will get the most effective security. Only the person who has the secure tan software installed on his local computer (laptop, desktop, …) from where the activation was done is able to get those TANs.

  • Simulated Keyboard

    For entering sensitive details like your login pin we offer a simulated keyboard which you can use with a click at your mouse. That way no keylogger software will get a chance to capture pins and passwords and would enter by a keyboard normally.