Do's and don'ts for secure use of internet banking

The most important tips for a safe S-Pay Online-Banking experience:

  • Neither RBH, nor the support will ever ask you for your password in combination with your loginPIN or superPIN. If this should happen, for safety reasons please do not reply, because this is surely not an RBH request

  • Be skeptical and on guard! Check which links you click on and which websites you visit. Don’t supply sites that are linked in emails with any personal data, login data or PIN. Such an e-mail is almost certainly a phishing e-mail.

  • RBH will never request you to supply your login-PIN and password in combination with TAN-numbers for verification on their website

  • Verify the e-mail address of the e-mails you receive carefully. The slightest variation or difference can be indicator of a fake website.

  • Use difficult to guess, case sensitive passwords, with a combination of letters, numbers and special characters

  • Never leave access/ login data lying around for others to see

  • Don’t operate banking transactions from public places and computers (e.g. internet cafes, libraries, schools etc.)

  • Make sure you log out and shut down properly every time you’re done with your transactions (especially if you need to use a public computer)


    NEITHER RBH, nor our support will ever ask you for your login data via e-mail. If this should happen, for safety reasons, do NOT reply to this request, as this is most certainly an e-mail that was not sent by RBH.