Security of your Computer

Next to our own RBH security features and software related things it’s also important that you keep an eye of regular updates from your local computer or laptop AND to keep your virus scanner up to date!

In summary this means:

  • Install a virus scanner and keep it up to date regularly (find more informations about this at point Virus-Scanners)

  • Install and maintain a firewall or use the Windows included one at least! Informations how to activate and maintain those can be found here:

    Windows Vista - Windows 7 - Windows 8

    Also many routers / physically gateways have firewalls included!

  • Always keep your operating system (Windows, Linux,...) up to date with the last updates available!

  • Last but not least keep your browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox,...) always actual with the last updates! Your browser is the connection between you and your onlinebanking accounts to keep these tiny little programs a very high attention too!

We personally refer to the following browsers: