Secure defense of phishing attacks

The last days and weeks many customers received fraudulent mails which claim to be from a representative of the RBH. Those mails look closely perfect „cloned"!

Very often the content says that you „Account is blocked" or similar phrases and you should click on a link to „reactivate" your accounts or to verify your personal details again.

We even saw contents in those mails claiming that the recipient has a „high amount of money" in his account and he should verify the transactions.

That's the way how criminals try to get you clicking the link which will lead you to a faked website which often looks like the original one. After clicking the link you will see that you should enter a lot of information again including account numbers, personal identification numbers (PIN) and passwords. If those people have those informations they are able to start their fraudulent actions.

That's why we would like to take this chance to tell you:

RBH S-Pay or ANY of its representatives (Support …) will NEVER ask you about account details, PINs, passwords or email!

Additionally you should also be aware of so called malware, spyware. Often those tiny programs are attached in mails or website links and are installing themselves in the background. In the worst case you do not even take notice of it!

Those software then captures sensitive details like passwords, account numbers and many more. It’s even able that a keylogger like mentioned above is recording all your entered informations. Those will then be sent to an anonymous email account and that way the hacker has all your very personal and sensitive informations!

That’s why we want to remind you to NEVER open those emails nor download anything attached. Simply delete these emails. Also it’s important to deactivate the automatic preview in your email client so that no graphics and equal things are loaded in background from any website.

Generally your computer should be secured by a regularly updated virus scanner and a personal firewall.

Whoever receives an email which claims to be from us should act fast and contact us via the Ticket-System!